Picteilín is an initiative of the Creative Media Research Group at Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland.

For more information on us and our work, please see http://www.creativemediaresearch.com

Picteilín Conference Organisers:

Dr Bride Mallon lectures in the School of Informatics and Creative Arts in Dundalk Institute of Technology, Louth, Ireland. Her research interests include new-media narrative forms and Computer Games evaluation. She is particularly interested in investigating (i) what factors affect enjoyment or engagement during game play; (ii) which aspects of traditional narrative are being invoked in computer games; and (iii) how best can narrative be used to increase user-engagement during game play.

She teaches on the Communications in Creative Media, the Games Development, and the Multimedia Web Development degree programmes in Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Email: bride.mallon@dkit.ie


Kieran Nolan is an artist-researcher exploring the connective and aesthetic properties of arcade videogame interfaces. He is Programme Director of the BA in Media Arts and Technologies at Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland, and is a PhD candidate in Digital Arts and Humanities with the GV2 Research Group at Trinity College, Dublin. Kieran’s research work has been published at conferences and exhibitions worldwide, including Vector Game Art and New Media Festival, The Science Gallery, Future and Reality of Gaming / F.R.O.G., International Symposium of Electronic Arts / ISEA, ZIL Cultural Centre, the A MAZE. International Independent Video Games Festival, Transmediale, Game On! El arte en juego, Out of Index, and Art.CHI.

Email: kieran.nolan@dkit.ie
Web: http://kierannolan.com